RE lesson ideas


As part of the One Friday project to tell the story of Jesus on Good Friday, this set of 14 posters has been produced that follow the stations of the Cross. Available to buy as posters (£35) or postcards (£4.99) from

They would be a good starting point for an Easter-themed lesson, looking at questions such as:

  • What makes you feel sad?

  • Who do you want to remember?

  • What do you want to say sorry for?

  • What would you like forgiveness for?

  • How can you help or look after your mum?


Hero? Discuss (lesson plan)

How many superheroes can you name? Can you think of a real life hero? Was/is Jesus Christ a hero and why? This idea can be used as a starting point to discussing the life of any Christian.




Can you think of 12 gifts you could give to family and friends without spending any money? This worksheet could be used at Christmas or Epiphany when the wise men gave gifts. Equally it could be used alongside a Biblical story where Jesus gives something to someone e.g. healing, forgiveness. Ideas include Love, Saying thank you, a hug, help, sharing, do not moan, Friendship, forgiveness etc.

Diary of a Disciple - Luke's Story by Gemma Willis is available at CLC Bookshop (RRP £9.99). It is written in the style of the popular Tom Gates books. Try reading the Christmas story with a class. They would need to be able to see the book. The story of the wise men is not in Luke's gospel and so is not in this book, so get the class to write the story of the wise men in Tom Gates' style.



Angel Gabriel brought Mary good news. Christians believe that the message of Christmas is good news for all people – God has sent Jesus to rescue people from sin. The word ‘gospel’ means good news.
Download this activity to encourage children to think about some good news they have received.


A simple worksheet looking at excerpts from some of the Queen's Christmas messages. If you were giving a message to our country, what would you say?


During WW1 many millions of copies of the Active Service St. John's Gospels were given out to soldiers. Replica copies are available for a donation from SGM Lifewords.

This lesson plan for KS2 / KS3 looks at stories from soldiers during the WW1 who were given copies of St John's Gospels.



Why is RE studied in school? Use this lesson plan to understand, analyse and explore why RE is taught in schools.




A menu of ideas using the Old Testament story of Joseph and his coat. Suitable for RE/PSHE.





Some ideas for exploring the role of women in the early life of Moses and looking at the position of women in the world today.




Some ideas for examining anger using the Old Testament story of Moses murdering a slave driver.




Lesson ideas based around Moses and the Burning Bush and examining the concept of holiness today.




Mission Impossible? Some ideas for using the story of Moses who was commissioned to 'Let my People Go' as a basis to explore courage and faith.




  Ten. An examination of the Ten Commandments.





Some ideas for thinking about the big challenges in life after hearing the Old Testament story of David & Goliath.





Some ideas and suggestions for exploring the New Testament story of The Good Samaritan.




Simple lesson ideas for Lent.





Seven innovative ideas or ice breakers to help discuss the Easter story.






The Salvation Army website has RE resources for Primary, Secondary and post 16 levels. Subjects include: Salvation Army, Cyber bullying, Faith Hope Love, Jesus, Resolving Conflict, Christmas, Relevance of the Bible, Women.


Schoolswork UK has lots of lesson ideas. Topics include Respect, Self-harm, Pilgrimage, Capital punishment, and Suffering.