The History of CaSS

Christians & Sheffield Schools (CaSS) grew out of the appointment of Linda Chambers as Scripture Union’s Schools Worker for Sheffield in 1985.

By 1991 Linda realised that there was no focal point for Christians who wanted to serve schools around the city. It was difficult to find out what was going on and who was doing what. Christians serving schools also needed to know how schools operated and what opportunities to serve were available. This lack of knowledge, information and expertise often resulted in any Christian contribution to/support of school life going unrealised. CaSS was established with the aim of standing in or minding the gap between Christians /a church and a school. It is our vision to enable and encourage Christians to serve schools in the city.

The work of CaSS is unique within the city. CaSS has served schools for 32 years, during that time school life, the experiences and challenges young people face have altered. It is now estimated 95% of children and young people have no meaningful contact with a church. A church with a heart to serve the next generation, therefore, needs to connect with a school.

It may help you to understand the mission of CaSS in the city if you imagine CaSS as an armour bearer. An armour bearer was chosen by kings and generals (connect) to bear their armour (resource) and to stand by them in the time of danger (encourage). CaSS connects, encourages and resources those serving schools on the frontline in the following ways:

• CaSS aims to provide reliable sources of information and helpful access to a network of partners (connecting)
• CaSS meets with individuals, groups, church leaders etc. across the city and offers ideas, support, advice, an extra pair of hands and prayer in order to stimulate church - school links (encouraging)
• CaSS provides resources & training to help meet the needs of Christians working with schools. (resourcing)