CaSS Conferences

  • CaSS organises an annual conference for those working with/volunteering/with prayerful concern for schools and families, children and youth to connect with each other and to access resources.

  • In 2016 and 2017, CaSS partnered with the YMCA White Rose, The Sheffield Diocese, and the Sheffield Methodist District to organise the Joined Up Conference.


  • To view pictures and videos from this year's conference on 11th March at St Thomas' Church Philadelphia, visit the website.


  • 90% of attendees rated the 2017 conference 8 out of 10 or higher. Here is some of the other feedback received from the Joined Up conferences:

"Impressively organised." "Incredible value for money."

“Everyone so friendly – I talked to so many great people.”

"Identity Matters workshop workshop was fantastic. An incredibly important, relevant and current issue that many conferences ignore and avoid – incredibly well done!”
"A lovely, ‘spirit filled’ Godly atmosphere and context for

inspiration and encouragement. It felt ‘Joined Up’ on so many levels." 

" An excellent day and amazingly good value. Well done to all involved."
"Thank you. My first conference, I feel ‘woken up’"

  • This is the programme from the CaSS conference in 2014. Delegates said it was "Excellent", "Full of encouragement", "Inspirational".