Chaplaincy in Schools


School Pastors is an initiative of Ascension Trust (who also set up the perhaps better known Street Pastors). The role of the School Pastors is to 'promote safety and aim to reduce anti-social behaviour. School pastors are there to listen, care and help young people to become good citizens.' Lots of information about becoming a School Pastor on their website.


Chaplaincy Central is a website for chaplains working in schools to exchange information and resources. Take a look at their list of what a chaplain can bring to a school.

SCALA is the School Chaplains and Leaders Association and is a good source of information about chaplaincy and faith in schools.

The University of Chichester offers an MA in School Chaplaincy. Suitable for ordained and lay individuals, this course has been specially developed for school chaplains working in schools and academies.

Church of England Vision for Education: Deeply Christian, Serving the Common Good (2016)
This is a fresh articulation of the Church of England's vision for education; a vision that is deeply Christian, with the promise by Jesus of 'life in all its fullness' at its heart.  This is worked out theologically and educationally through four basic elements: wisdom; hope; community; and dignity.  This vision reaches beyond Church of England schools as we aim to offer a compelling vision for the education of children and young people in community, independent and church schools, sixth form colleges, colleges of further education and universities.  Download a copy