Fiona Walton

School Links Adviser - Fiona Walton

Hello! My name is Fiona. I started working (part-time) for CaSS in September 2011 when Linda Chambers retired after 27 years. I am really excited about continuing her work and extending it in new directions.

I grew up in Sheffield and attended school in the city. I became a Christian aged 12 and my faith grew as I became a member of a local church that gave young people opportunities to lead and serve.

I enjoyed studying Biblical Studies at Sheffield University and went on to get an MA in Theology from Durham University. After studying for a PGCE (Primary) at Durham University I taught RE for 2 years in a large Durham comprehensive.

I now teach RE (part-time) to 4 – 11 years olds. I can’t believe that I have taught for more than 30 years!

I love being mum to my three children (aged 21, 18 & 13) and to Ziggy my chocolate Labrador!